Mathias Mustillo

Founder, Senior Technician, Driver, Mover

Mathias started this project in late 2017 as a hobby with a group of friends in his home music studio. He noticed many abandoned pianos, many going to waste, left behind at on-lease homes and to the tip to get crushed back into the earth, and hence, started the project to save pianos and give them a new lease of life. He spends his own time and money in picking them up, tuning them, doing a full service, and making them play and sound great. However, there are some cases where a piano is too far gone, in which case, they are recycled into furniture or stripped down for valuable spare parts.

Before The Piano Rescuers, Mathias worked in the defence department in Information Technology and serviced cars.

Mathias is now looking to complete his RPT exams.

William Mon

Delegate, Junior Technician, Teacher, Mover

One day, William received information from a friend that a grand piano (C.M. Schroeder) had surfaced at The Green Shed in Mitchell during the winter of 2019. He immediately went there to experience the grand piano for himself, and had some fun by performing Chopin's Fantaisie-Impromptu whilst being recorded by said friend. He then went on to post the video on The Piano Rescuers' Facebook page and garnered attention from Mathias, whom serviced the very same C.M. Schroeder.

Several months later, as Mathias was about to open up his pop-up shop in the City, Mathias contacted William to have a jam at the grand opening, and the rest is history. William joined on the 5th of November, 2019.

You can find his wacky music projects here!