Q: Are you the guys who keep putting street pianos around the city?
A: Yes! Canberra can really do with some street pianos. 😃

Q: What are your hours?
A: 24/7! Well, almost (especially our pop-up shop in City). Just contact us on one of the Wanted/Services/Lessons pages to book an appointment! 😊

Q: What areas do you serve?
A: We serve within Canberra's 350km radius (including, but not limited to: Southern Tablelands & Highlands, Yass, Snowy Mountains, South Coast, Sydney Suburbs). We can still serve areas outside of the radius, but it will require advanced planning! 😃

Q: Do you move/remove pianos?
A: We sure do! We take pride in getting your piano safe and sound from destination A to destination B using our own truck and a series of hazard scans, dollies, blankets, ramps and straps. Of course, we do have to charge a fee to cover insurances, though the fees can be negotiated sometimes depending on your budget!

Q: Do you buy pianos?
A: If your piano has been serviced by another technician within the past 12 months and is in very good condition, we may consider! Please see our Wanted page. 😊

Q: Can you recommend a piano teacher?
A: Go to the Lessons page to organise a time with William! Otherwise, take a look at the ACTKA Teacher Register, or the Music Teachers Online directory!

Q: Can you restore old pianos?
A: Absolutely! We are prepared to take on tasks that no other piano technicians are willing to do, such as working with overdamper mechanisms, resurrecting the pin block to its functional state, adjusting as many loose & crooked components as possible (axle pins and centre pins) or stabilising loose tuning pins. It all comes down to your budget and if you wish to have your heirloom piano preserved! However, there are some cases where a piano has truly lasted its full lifespan or is severely damaged by extreme weather or natural disasters, in which case, we are happy to recommend alternative solutions, such as supplying a piano of similar budget that will fit your needs.

Q: Do you sell pianos and other accessories?
A: We sure do! All pianos we sell are fit for the purposes of tuition, learning, practice, performance and recording unless stated otherwise. We will also provide one free complimentary tuning & service several weeks later after your piano has been acclimatised in your new home.

Q: What is the best piano?
A: The best piano is the one that fits the piano player's personality, provided that the piano is fit for the 5 purposes aforementioned. You may prefer biting sharp trebles from Yamaha pianos, or mellow & soft trebles from Danemann pianos, or vintage textures from Baldwin pianos etc. Action can also be a huge factor of a player's personality, whether they prefer heavy weights for discipline & control, or soft weights for speed & dexterity!

Q: Can I tune my own piano using a wrench and/or a pair of pliers?
A: Please do not do this. You could cause serious damage to the pin block and tuning pins due to the poor grip offered by those tools.

Q: Should I put a bowl of water within my piano to combat Australia's arid climate?
A: Not recommended. Piano internals are very hygroscopic. You could cause serious damage to the glue joints & felts and initiate corrosion on metallic parts, including the plate, screws, pins, strings and springs.